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Pictures of Connie Faulk Barn Renovation in Pelion, South Carolina
Barn Renovation

Upon evaluation of existing construction it was decided that barn main structure and posts could be salvaged and barn did not need to be torn down.
We could remove all old plywood and damaged wood and install new wood girts to existing posts and install metal panels to give structure new life.

Phase one was removing some of the shingles. Replacing any damaged roof sheathing and cutting off soffit's and fascia to give a no eve look to building.

Phase 2 will be building bridging across roof to give it a straight line cleaner looking appearance appearance.

Phase 3 we will remove all exterior siding and install new wood 2 x 6 girts were needed.

Phase 4 will be to install new Max Rib panels by McElroy Metals in West Columbia.
Colors are:
Roof and Trim: Autumn Red
Walls are: Surrey Beige

Phase 5 we will have termite company do a  complete termite prevention treatment to insure building termite free.
Connie Faulks Barn Renovation Started on May 27th 2013

Removing shingle to install framing

Front of Barn
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Front of barn will have soffit's removed and new beams installed across front