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This link and information are being provided by Earthwise Construction Company and we do not own this property and are only providing information for owner David Barber. Our only interests is to possible complete existing renovations and does not have to be any part of any deals with David Barber.

Dear Investors and Restaurant owners


Building Location 3506 Bush River Rd

Property Information

Tax Map Number: 003696-04-008
Property Address: 3506 BUSH RIVER RD
Mailing Address: 506 KETTERING DR
State: SC
Zipcode: 29210
Tax District: 5 FD
Appraised Land Value: 100980
Appraised Building Value: 204380
Total Appraised Value: 305360
Acres: 4.92

Recently, the county issued a building permit to Earthwise Construction Company LLC to renovate and open “Chef Gary’s Culinary Galleries” and the renovations were underway as to the interior demolition and renovation of the front part of the building.

Building permit is currently active and waiting final inspection.

However the company doing the renovations were unable to complete financing on the new restaurant business and project was put on hold.

Project is 90% complete and only needs 2 weeks to complete renovations and could open for business in 3 weeks or less.


The concept of the new restaurant was to provide a breakfast pastry menu and lunch time cold sandwiches and delivery for the local businesses.

Secondary concept was to also have a bakery for providing a wedding cakes business.

Third concept was to use the property to have wedding and photo ops.

Owner is looking for someone who would finish restaurant and open for business.

Owner can add to above:

1. Provide and make available back area of property for any type of venue including wedding and corporate outings.

2. Provide country store building for photo ops and weddings

3. Back area is appox 5,000 sq. ft. and also available and can be made into a fine dining restaurant and have full use of property for any type venue.

Pictures of property and existing new renovations are below:

Please call either myself Raymond Hughes or David Barber.

Raymond 803-465-4887

David 803- 727-2832
For investment worksheet and lease information e-mail Raymond
Chef Gary's Culinary Galleries
Fine Dining
Social Gatherings
Office Parties
Team Building workshops
A sample of what Chef Gary was going to add to original owners concept.
Chef Gary is currently available for consultation and could become part of any new venue.