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Construction Services provided:

Construction Management
Plans and Design for Commercial and Residential projects.
Commercial Building - remodeling, additions and repairs
Residential Building - remodeling, additions and repairs.
Pre- Manufactured Steel Buildings - New, Additions and repairs.
Farm and Ranch Services - Pole Buildings, Barn and Out buildings.
Masonry sub - contracting - Commercial and Residential projects
Energy Audits - Commercial and Residential
Building Inspections - Commercial and Residential

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Design & Planning

At Earthwise Construction we can offer you a comprehensive design service to meet your needs and identify your ‘green goals’. When planning which materials to use we don’t simply adhere to building regulations, we exceed them. We want to use materials and construction methods that meet the needs of you, your property and the world in which we live, not simply pick from a list.

New Construction

If you’re looking to build your dream, green home or an eco friendly property, we can help you from design concept to construction completion. You may also be interested in our Consultancy services. 

Addtions & Existing Space Conversions

If you want to ,improve and extend the living area of your property, then an extension or loft conversion is ideal. Through our eco design service it may not be necessary to use an architect and we can advise you on all aspects of the build, including which materials should be used in the construction so as to maximize efficiency.

Eco renovations (retrofitting)

We can help your building project to be more heat and energy efficient. We believe any building, new or old can be transformed to have a much lower environmental impact and we treat each building as a whole holistic system in terms of thermal performance, ventilation, energy and water use. Our expertise means that any structure can be transformed into a ‘future proof’ space. Please contact us for further information.

Our design and planning service includes:

  • Drawing design
  • CAD drawings
  • Submission of Planning Applications
  • Advice regarding building regulations
  • Material specification
  • Permit Process
  • Schedule of Values for banking needs
  • Energy Audits
  • Free Estimates

Our General Contracting Services include:

  • Permit Process
  • Schedule of Values for banking and draw requests
  • Hiring and Payments to subs -contractors
  • Supervision of building process
  • Material specification and purchase
  • Site Development
  • Landscaping and irrigation systems

Our Sub Contracting Services include:

  • Masonry - Brick, Block and Stone - Fireplaces and Hardscape
  • Interior Renovations - Additions, Remodeling
  • Concrete Drives and Sidewalks
  • Site Development
  • Landscaping and irrigation systems
  • Building Inspection Service

Our Construction Management Services Include

  • Permit Process
  • Schedule of Values for banking and draw requests
  • Approval of Draw requests by General Contractor and sub contractors hired by owner.
  • Supervision of the building process
  • Material specification approval process
  • Scheduling of all aspects of project
  • Approval of work in place percentages

Construction Management

A relationship with ECC gives you the capability of approaching all the needs of your facility with confidence. Our access to pre-approved subcontractors enables you to meet all your needs through one "known" ECC contact person. Let us perform the scheduling and coordination, with your input and approvals, to complete your requirements on time and within budget.