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Intelligent Efficiency

When it comes to ultra energy efficiency, total comfort, and healthier indoor air, we have the answers based on having engineered “intelligent efficiency” into all our homes and commercial buildings.

The key to understanding “intelligent efficiency” is to stop thinking about energy efficiency simply in terms of individual components (e.g., furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, or windows) and to start thinking about it in terms of the entire system. When engineering homes and commercial buildings, Earthwise Construction Company utilizes a “total systems approach” which considers geographic location, windows, doors, HVAC engineering and hardware, insulation package, air filtration and more. We take the guesswork out of optimizing the HVAC performance of any home or building while incorporating all the other inherent benefits of building the ultra energy efficient way. No one else comes close!

Earth Wise Energy Savings

With so much being said and written about terms like green building and energy efficiency, it can be quite confusing and frustrating trying to figure out what are the best ways to make a home more energy efficient without paying tremendous cost to pull it off.

For example, solar panels definitely are a source of electrical energy. But because the cost to install a solar system is  expensive, the payback in energy savings takes a little longer to justify the initial investment .
We have combined the most effective and budget friendly methods of providing real energy efficiency and created EARTHWISE, an affordable upgrade package that is guaranteed to provide 100% more energy savings than a comparable Energystar certified home.

Our energy efficiency package can include:

Upgraded insulation
Thicker exterior walls
Energy efficient water heater
Energy star appliances
High efficiency HVAC system

Energy efficient windows

Geothermal Heat pumps

Solar Panels

Solar Heated Water

Our Sustainable Package can include:

Insulated wall panel Construction

Foam Insulated Block Construction

Upgraded Geothermal systems

Metal Stud Insulated Roof and Wall Panels 

Earthwise Construction offers energy audits, solar PV and energy efficiency services as part of an integrated suite of energy efficiency and sustainable energy services to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality, and move buildings toward a more sustainable operations model with a lower carbon footprint

The end result is a project with a much lower monthly utility bills

General Information on Geothermal Heat pumps and Energy Audits

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal Technology is proven technology.

Geothermal systems have been used for over 40 years and millions of units have been installed world-wide in commercial and residential applications.

Geothermal heat pumps are the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC systems available.

Geothermal technology uses a series of sealed piping loops buried in the ground that tap the renewable energy of the earth. These loops create a better heat transfer medium than traditional air source systems. It is so efficient that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated:

“Geo exchange systems are the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning system available today”

Geothermal systems are eligible for federal tax credits and state incentives.

Geothermal Heat Pumps keep your entire house comfortable year-round and a geothermal system can be used to provide free hot water.

A new geothermal heat pump system heats or cools on demand and provides better comfort and humidity control.


No outdoor components.

SBS-Solar uses units that are placed in a basement, garage or utility room. This helps reduce noise, improves the look of your home and leads to longer system life.

Geothermal heat pumps are engineered for long equipment life.

Earthwise Construction prefers ClimateMaster systems.  They are factory sealed ensuring quality. With indoor installation eliminating exposure to the elements, your new system lasts longer than traditional systems that are outdoors. Each compressor is engineered to moderate the compressor load, extending system life.

Self-contained compact units

A wide variety of configurations including upflow, horizontal or downflow can be hidden from sight. Split systems are compact enough to be installed in closets.

No fossil fuel

•       Improves safety
•       Eliminates service lines, flues and air intakes
•       No site emissions

Energy Audits

The Important First Step

An energy audit is the first and most important step to saving energy in your residence or commercial building.  Our certified staff can determine where energy can be saved and the steps to take to take to save it


What Does an Energy Audit Consist Of?

We start by doing an onsite inspection and retrocommission of your building. This includes inspecting and reviewing conditioning systems, insulation, windows, lighting, and other factors that relate to your energy usage.  During an energy audit we utilize the latest technologies in testing equipment to determine building and duct system air leakage as well as insulation deficiencies which typically constitute the majority of efficiency loss.

An Easy to Follow Plan

Once our testing is complete we analyze the data and create a customized energy plan for your needs.   This report will make specific recommendations that that you can follow to increase the efficiency of your building.

Why Should Earthwise Perform My Energy Audit?

Many buildings have excessive air leakage, substandard insulation, and superfluous electrical and water usage.  Other buildings are too tight to provide proper ventilation or have other serious indoor air quality issues that affect occupant safety.   The energy audit process and reporting can identify these issues.  Our professional staff have the training and experience necessary to make your residential or commercial building as energy efficient as possible. During an ECC energy audit we identify specific energy and comfort related issues with the owner, perform a thorough inspection of the building, gather dimensions, examine the building envelope with a thermal imager, perform mechanical systems diagnostics and safety testing, determine building air leakage, and inventory all major electrical and water loads.  

Areas of evaluation in our energy audits include:

  • Thermal envelope insulation and air sealing issues
  • Vapor barriers and rim joist
  • Windows and doors (insulation value and condition)
  • Square footage and volume of conditioned space
  • Specific Homeowner issues
  • Mechanical systems (type, efficiency estimate, duct system air leakage, and CAZ testing for safety issues)
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Water efficiency
  • lighting and electrical load management
  • Ideal programing of your thermostats
  • Solar site assessment
  • Obvious vulnerabilities in the envelope or heating systems.
  • Easy areas of inefficiency to address with short paybacks